Armenian Enough Podcast - The Root of Addiction with Srab Haroutounian

The causes of addiction have been pondered for ages, but there is an ever-growing consensus that a sense of belonging (or lack thereof) may play an important role, particularly in its inception. It is at once intangible and deeply personal, bringing to bear individual sensitivities and perspectives. In this episode, we discuss Srab’s experience of growing up as an Armenian in England and how that led him down a difficult path, resulting in his own bout with addiction, but ultimately resulted in not only his healing, but into fully claiming his true identity. You can reach Srab on IG @mancunian_bars / FB @srabmancunian Or on his website Transformative-Healing.com And on YouTube Mancunian Bars

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Insight Treatment Hour – Addiction Therapy – August 08, 2022

On this episode of Insight Treatment Hour, our host Elton Ferraro talks with his guest, Srab Haroutounian as they talk therapy. Elton starts off the show by talking with Srab about his background on helping people with addiction and treating them in his practice. Srab happens to be a licensed therapist that is located in the United Kingdom where he helps addicts and helps people with mental health. Later in the show, Elton and Srab talk about addiction. Listen in as Elton and Srab talk about health, addiction, and mental trauma.

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